Chobani has announced the launch of its new oat beverages, oat yogurt alternatives, oatmeal dairy yogurt and dairy creamers.

The brand has previously expanded its range to make it suitable for children and non-dairy consumers. With the new World of Chobani Oat collection, the oat beverages will come in a variety of flavours to consume anytime of the day and the yogurts will be a perfect breakfast substitute.

“Like yogurt, oats are an ancient good with deep roots in our culture and our land. These grains deserve to be celebrated,” said Chobani’s founder and CEO, Hamdi Ulukaya. “I always knew our journey from yogurt to becoming a modern food company would be through nutritious, delicious, batch-made products like Chobani Oats, and today they’re helping us further deliver on our founding mission of making better food for more people.”