Anderson Linhares, New World Howick's Deli manager

Named number one supermarket across the country of three months in a row, New World Howick celebrates its first birthday. As a result of owner-operator Brendon Jones’ innovative approach, more than 3,200 individual pieces of feedback were collected through Customer Radar, a live customer technology designed by former Howick resident Mat Wylie, revealing an impressive customer satisfaction score of 98.6 percent.

"We’ve recruited people who have a passion for what they do and then focused on training them well. We’ve put our customer at the heart of everything we do. From the employment interview, through induction and training, every meeting and every review; it’s all about the customer," said Jones. During its first year of operations, the store has introduced a plastic bag recycling unit, new food line in the butchery and dedicated organic fruit and vegetable sections.

Originally from Florianopolis, Brazil, NW Howick’s Deli manager Anderson Linhares joined the New World team six months ago after gaining experience as chef, deli manager and store manager.
“I’ve always enjoyed working with food, but I've also realised how much I enjoy the customer contact. Today, being a part of New World Howick Service Deli is great, because I can do what I love doing; serve people and make their life better. Receiving positive feedback from our customers motivates us even more,” said Linhares.

Having achieved such success in only 12 months, NW Howick's owner Jones has plenty of reasons to look at the future with confidence.
"Our goal has always been to be iconic amongst our customers and the industry. For us this means that we're innovative and evolving to our customers' needs and developing the best operational practices," he said.