NWBCA Top 30 – Kererū Brewing Company

Kereru Brewing Co

Kererū was named for New Zealand's indigenous wood pigeons. These large and charismatic birds have the distinction of being able to eat large fruits, and in great quantities. They are responsible for dispersing many different native trees in New Zealand's forests and are also known for becoming inebriated when they indulge on over-ripe fruits - a natural choice as a New Zealand beer brand mascot.

“Our brand is fun, light-hearted and whimsical,” explained head brewer Emma Bell.

Kererū Brewing regularly feature New Zealand fauna and flora on its labels as part of their celebration of nature, even becoming a recognised sponsor of The Royal Forest and Bird Society.

“We are inclusive and relentlessly positive with our image and message, and our bright and cheerful labels stand out in a crowd.”

Bright and cheerful is just what Kiwis called for during the lockdown too.

“We were lucky to be an Essential Service with a good online sales platform so that we could supply Kiwis in lockdown with our beers. This helped to take the sting out of all our hospitality sales dropping away completely.”

Kererū have some amazing, new, gluten-free beers in the pipeline, as well as a barrel-souring program: these unusual, and characterful beers will be making their way to market over the coming months. Drink Kererū, taste New Zealand.