This week, New Zealand's famed landmark, Paeroa's Big L&P bottle, is set to celebrate its 50th birthday. Proudly marking L&P's birthplace, the bottle stands at the town's gateway as one of New Zealand's most recognised (and photographed) landmarks.

To celebrate the big 5-0, the L&P bottle will be adorned with a giant birthday bow.

"L&P is lucky enough to be part of Kiwi culture," said Angela Broad, Coca-Cola Amatil NZ head of marketing. "We're super proud of L&P's birthplace and the much loved Big Bottle."

Unbeknownst to many, the original L&P bottle was installed as a rocket ship in the late 1960s as the Christmas theme to keep with the international activities of sending men to the moon and space travel. The following year in 1968, when the committee was planning Christmas activities, the team were scratching their heads to come up with a theme. Seeing a bottle of L&P on the table, one member suggested a bottle just like it, and the rest is history. L&P will also be releasing a range of limited edition product to commemorate the milestone birthday.