Nationwide many of Foodstuffs’ supermarkets (Four Square, New World, PAK'SAVE) sell a wide variety of hot cross buns.  Kiwis seem to be loving traditional hot cross buns this year and anecdotally, with Foodstuffs' bakery managers are reporting an increase in demand for the traditional hot cross buns this year.  But, that’s not all – New World Thorndon in Wellington also do a super trade in mocha, chocolate, mini, apple and cinnamon and no fruit.

Our New World bakers are absolutely hopping to it to meet the demand for hot cross buns – some stores have switched to 24-hour baking to keep up with demand. And to make the approximately 2.5million hot cross buns which will bounce out the doors tomorrow with bakers madly mixing up the following:

Plain flour                          84,456kg

Caster sugar                       6,514kg

Yeast                                   4,416kg

Mixed spice                       1,214kg

Bun spice                           4,196kg

Sultanas                              34,996kg

Currants                             11,702kg

Mixed peel                         1,380kg


The busiest day today is today (Thursday) and a store like New World Thorndon in Wellington will see 18,000 hot cross buns sold in one day!

Easter is a busy time and its committed teams and stores plan well in advance to meet the needs of their customers. Not wanting to put all our eggs in one basket…. so over the last month Foodstuffs has been delivering truckloads of chocolate eggs to its stores.  Chocolate egg sales are always popular over Easter and Kiwis are not just buying chocolate eggs but also block chocolate, chocolate bars and boxed chocolates.