TWO favourite Kiwi desserts have combined to win Tip Top’s Jelly Tip Lab competition, celebrating Jelly Tip July, part of a month long celebration of the iconic ice cream.
The ‘Pavlova Jelly Tip’, made of kiwifruit flavoured jelly, passionfruit flavoured ice cream and dipped in white chocolate, won the competition with a hand-made batch of just 500-sticks produced last month.
The company said the winning Jelly Tip Lab idea, the ‘Pavlova Jelly Tip’ stayed true to the original Jelly Tip texture of hard shell, ice cream and all-important jelly. But it was the innovation and combination of flavours that saw it win.
While this new take on the Jelly Tip won’t be available to the general public in the immediate future, Minna Reinikkala, Tip Top Group marketing manager said “If Kiwis are desperate to try it for themselves, then we could definitely work on making a wider release, but it would take a few months in development to provide the higher volume needed.”