Perspex Retail Screens In Demand as NZ Opens Up

The manufacturing of high quality perspex screens for hospitality and retail stores is now a key activity for contract cutting company Cutshop as people start to return to normal life.

The screens are designed to provide important protection between counter staff and customers to help maintain expected levels of health and safety.  For cafés and restaurants they are becoming a must-have item as they prepare to open fully in weeks to come.

Franchisor Andre Hofer said like all factory businesses Cutshop turned its machines off at the start of lockdown but this changed when the opportunity arose to produce an essential product.

“We have been manufacturing for two companies marketing and selling retail protection screens, one called and the other - both are pivot businesses, set up in lockdown and needing quick turnaround manufacturing," said Hofer.

“The screens are designed by our home based team to meet specific requirements and then two of our franchise owners have been in their factories manufacturing and packing the products, staying in their bubble as a result - it’s been a great example of a new opportunity resulting from lockdown - we’ve shipped 350 screens nationwide in three weeks.”

The Cutshop factories in Mount Wellington, Auckland, and Hamilton, manufacture the screens using high quality acrylic that is designed to provide the maximum amount of protection while also fitting in with the overall environment of a café, restaurant or retail store.

“We are expecting there will be a growing need as we move from Level 3 to 2 simply because staff and customers now have a higher expectation about health and safety.

“Along with cafés, restaurants and retail stores such as pharmacies, we are working with dairies, medical practices and clinics.  Many businesses are already open in a limited way and others are preparing.

“The quality of the screens mean they will last, they are easily cleaned and are unobtrusive.”

Cutshop is a contract cutting service for designers and manufacturing partners, producing product solutions from kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobe and shelving to large scale industrial solutions and serves customers nationwide.

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