Pet Owners Rejoice

Pet owners

Now Tesco UK is gearing up for what it believes will be the biggest ever Christmas for pets by launching a ‘4 for 3’ sale on all its pet products, including food, toys and accessories.

The sale – Tesco’s most significant ever for pets - is open to all Tesco Clubcard holders, has just launched and will run for just under a month until 14 November.

Pet experts at the supermarket predict that two training toys that should give owners as much fun as their pets will be among the most popular gifts, along with the wide range of treats available.

The first is a set of Pet Training Buttons for dogs, which cost £7, that can be customised to teach pets to answer various electronic sound commands pet owners record. A pet can be taught to react to commands such as ‘Treat, ‘Play’, or ‘Outside’ by placing a paw on any of the various buttons or pads.

The other is a Pet Treat Launcher for cats or dogs that will help keep your pet fit by chasing after its favourite treat, which can be fired from the device by a trigger-operated mechanism.

Tesco Pet Category Buying Manager John Hext said that Tesco knew Britain was a nation of animal lovers, and now more than ever due to the significant number of pets acquired during lockdown.

“As a result, pet gifting, whether it be buying food treats, toys or accessories, has grown significantly in the last few years and is now one of the fastest growing areas in the UK retail industry,” said Hext.

“But we also know that times are still tough out there, so we have launched our ‘four for three, cheapest item free’ sale. We also wanted to help customers spread the cost of Christmas, so we launched it in October.”