ProWein 2022 Preparations in Full Swing

The outlook for ProWein 2022, the world’s biggest and most relevant trade fair for wines and spirits in Düsseldorf, is promising – in every respect.

Preparations are in full swing and the market is eagerly awaiting ProWein which will be held 27 to 29 March 2022, one of the first physical events held for two years.

The recently adopted COVID-19 Protection Ordinance (last updated in August 2021) provides the legal framework and prerequisites for holding a trade fair that proves successful for both exhibitors and visitors.

“Over the past few weeks our planning – such as stand space allocation for exhibitors, the organisation of tastings, limitation of visitor numbers, aisle width or a possible registration for tastings – was primarily determined by a very restrictive COVID19 Protection Ordinance,” explained Michael Degen, Executive Director of ProWein.

“Now we can finally get down to the concrete planning and organisation in the interest of the sector.”

What does this mean for exhibitors and visitors?

ProWein 2022 will be extended to include three more halls – taking it up to 13 halls. This allows the aisles between stands to be widened from four to six metres and ensures the 1.5 m distancing rule can be observed.

“To avoid misunderstandings from the outset: the rented exhibition space will not enlarge – we are only making three additional halls available. At the end of the day it’s like in a vineyard where the distance between the individual rows would be increased to improve ventilation of the vines,” continued Degen.

“With this move we strike the necessary balance between pandemic-related minimum distances and a sufficiently high attendance figure – thereby laying the foundation for a successful trade fair: many contacts and leads for our exhibitors.”

Other benefits to come from the current COVID-19 Protection Ordinance: tastings can be organised easily and without any red tape as registration is no longer required at each stand, with tastings possible at assigned places.

Even tastings at the stand peripheries are permitted subject to compliance with specific rules. To put it in a nutshell: registration and compliance with the VRT-rule (Vaccinated, Recovered, Tested) ensures the smooth holding of ProWein 2022.