Farro is helping to reduce plastic packaging by launching BYO containers across its Auckland stores. The initiative will enable customers to bring containers from home into a Farro store and fill them with their favourite foods.

“Introducing BYO containers is another step towards reducing plastic waste. We are always looking for tangible ways to live more sustainably and are encouraging Farro customers to take this step and try using their own containers,” said Janene Draper, co-founder of Farro.

“This year Farro moved to 100% compostable bags at our checkouts and there continues to be an increasing shift towards our customers using Farro’s reusable shopping bags.”

Farro has also introduced a new approach for tasting events in-store where it uses wooden cutlery, recyclable wine cups and wooden tasting sticks, reducing the number of plastic items that are only used once but survive in landfill for more than 100 years. Farro is also one of the few retailers to offer coffee cups and lids that are commercially compostable.

“These are simple steps that continue the conversation with our customers about making positive choices for the environment."

Farro has been able to reduce the amount of waste it sends to landfill by 75% over the last three years by working with suppliers to produce more sustainable products and packaging. As a result, its landfill waste bins are now the smallest of its bins.

The move towards BYO containers will be supported via Farro’s social media channels, where customers are encouraged to join in Farro’s conversation on sustainable living.