It has been a year since senior Foodstuffs executive Baden Ngan Kee, his wife Kath and their three children participated in the John West 12k Traverse and raised $17,500 for his fundraising cause, the Lung Foundation NZ.

The Lung Foundation NZ is an independent non-government organisation dedicated to promoting healthy lungs and early detection of lung disease which includes lung cancer, New Zealand’s biggest cancer killer. The Foundation advocates on a range of issues, including access to more effective funded treatments and an increase in research funding.

One year on the team is getting ready to do it all again. Baden’s health has since deteriorated to the point that not only was he hospitalised but in May he returned home, effectively to finalise his affairs.

The only hope was the drug Keytruda, which is unfortunately not funded in New Zealand for Lung Cancer patients (unlike many other countries).  This battle to extend his life has made him aware of the lack of funding for potentially life-extending drugs.

“I strongly believe easier access to effective drugs will change other cancer patients’ lives,” said Kee. “This is why I’m dedicating my time to raising funds and awareness for the Lung Foundation’s lobbying around this issue.”

Luckily, though his network he has been able to source this medication, meaning that he, Kath and the children will again be able to participate in the John West 12k Traverse at the Auckland Marathon on Sunday 28th October 2018 to raise funds for his chosen charity the Lung Foundation NZ.

If you would like to donate to this worthy cause and support Team Baden and the Lung Foundation follow the link below: https://aucklandmarathon2018.everydayhero.com/nz/team-baden