Rebel Bakehouse has been named as a finalist in Innovation Gold for the 2019 Wellington Gold Awards. The company received the accreditation for the launch of its new range of cricket and hemp flour wraps. The Gold Awards celebrate the excellence and enterprise of business in the Wellington Region.

Chris Petersen, of Rebel Bakehouse, said they’re incredibly excited to be a finalist, as the new range of wraps was developed in response to consumer demand for healthier and more sustainable food products.

“Since Rebel Bakehouse hit the shelves in March, we’ve seen sales double week-on-week and response from consumers is very encouraging. Introducing Kiwis to crickets and hemp - alternative sources of protein - has started a new conversation about what we’re eating and the impact of our choices on the environment,” said Petersen.

“We want to offer Kiwis another choice in the bread aisle, which has been stale for many years.  Our wraps carry a minimum 4-star rating, and we’re working towards a 5-star rating. They also contain a minimum protein level of 17 percent.”

Form and functionality were essential steps in the process of creating the new range. Petersen explained that alongside taste trials, the team spent time testing and innovating the wraps’ usability. “If you take a Rebel Wrap, and scrunch it up in your hand, it will bounce back flat and unbroken, unlike any other wrap product on the market. Investment in new processing equipment, a bit of Kiwi ingenuity and tinkering with the cooking process helped Rebel achieve its ‘bounce-back ability.”

Rebel Bakehouse also recently announced plans to produce 100 percent Kiwi cricket flour, the first New Zealand company to do so. A pilot farm is being developed in the Wairarapa.

The Gold Awards Gala Dinner will be held on the 25th of July in Wellington.