Saving the Pies for 2023

The NZ pie awards have been postponed to 2023.

The Bakels NZ Supreme Pie Awards are sad to announce its postponement to the 1st of August 2023. The decision was made out of respect for the baking industry, as many businesses have undergone large changes due to the pandemic and unrest in Europe. The postponement gives bakers the chance to adjust to these changes and better prepare for the competition.

The competition has a great ripple effect on the industry and NZ Bakels hopes that will continue as normal next year. 2022 was supposed to see the 25th anniversary of the renowned pie awards, but supporting bakers and allowing an even competition field is much more important.

The awards were also postponed due to Covid-19 in 2020. As a nation that loves baked goods, and the convenience of a pie or sausage roll, the Bakels NZ Supreme Pie awards will be welcomed with warm arms in 2023.