Kiwi Innovation In Galactagogues

Mammas products for breastfeeding

Wendy Poon launched her nutraceutical business mid pandemic after struggling with breastfeeding as a new mum. She now supports breastfeeding mothers in over 20 countries with her Mammas Milk Bar products.

With three-quarters of mothers reporting feeling as though they were not meeting their child's breastfeeding needs, Poon saw a gap in the market for organic and natural galactagogues (food sources that boost breast milk production). Mammas Milk Bar's products use New Zealand oats, proteins, essential fatty acids, herbs yeast, maca, moringa leaf and organic coconut cream. The milled Otago oats are essential to production, as they have higher nutritional value than imported oats.

In addition to using natural ingredients, Mammas Milk Bar is environmentally conscious. They use Food Safe grade one bottles, with recyclable aluminium lids and packaging.

Mammas Milk Bar has 17 products that are endorsed by lactation consultants and birthing professionals. The company is only in its second year, but endorsements have annual sales up 500% year-on-year. The galactagogues are particularly popular in Spain, Austria, Japan, Germany, Canada, USA, Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. Poon previously worked as an architect, and is now on Fletcher's Construction Design Management Team, but hopes to continue the growth of Mammas Milk Bar beyond an online presence.