Packaging is a major influencer and consideration for consumers. Research shows that packaging plays an important role in the purchasing decision process and perception of a brand.
O-I New Zealand understands how to use packaging to elevate a brand’s unique identity. Makers of glass, the world’s most natural and sustainable packaging, O-I New Zealand has supplied packaging to the largest brands in food and beverage industries for decades.
“Glass is made from three natural ingredients: sand, limestone and soda ash,” said Bayard Sinnema, business sales manager, O-I.
“A glass container is infinitely 100 percent recyclable. Our glass products contain an average of 70 percent post-consumer recycled glass which is collected via council kerbside recycling schemes. In addition to sustainability benefits, research shows that consumers believe food and beverages taste better in glass. Glass acts as a natural barrier, it’s virtually impermeable to oxygen, helping to keep the contents fresh and full of their natural vitamins, and other health benefits.”
Glass is also brand building, Sinnema added.
“Glass can take on a range of shapes, colours and textures. It’s beautiful. It’s memorable. It’s iconic. You can feel its quality in your hand, that’s why glass is at the core of building thousands of successful quality and premium brands.”
Julian Raine from Aunt Jean’s Dairy agrees, having recently launched milk fresh from the farm back into one-litre glass bottles.
“The aim of the product is to provide a specialty item which firstly is in glass, secondly is from A2 tested cows and thirdly is fully traceable milk back to our farms,” said Raine. “We firmly believe that milk in glass tastes better. We know that New Zealanders were reluctant to shift to plastic. We think the time is right to provide a way for them to drink milk fresh from the farm in glass bottles”.
Farro Fresh was the first retailer to launch the brand to market. Chilled category manager Hamish Fleming pointed out that, as a single family farm producer, Aunt Jean’s aligns closely with the values of Farro Fresh and what the premium fresh food market wants to deliver to its customers.
“All of the elements combine to make an excellent premium quality milk; sourcing from a single grass-fed herd, minimal processing and on-farm bottling gives the milk real integrity. The glass packaging helps to preserve that integrity even more, it’s great for the environment and has real nostalgia factor too,” Raine said.
Aunt Jean’s is also available in Raeward Fresh in Nelson, Moore Wilsons with plans to go nationwide this year.
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