Never has energy efficiency been more topical. Global specialist in energy management and automation Schneider Electric offers safe, reliable and sustainable solutions to monitor this expenditure item closely. The company caters to a broad range of customers, from domestic to business installations, including retailers and food manufacturers.

According to national sales manager Ras Jayawickrama, Schneider Electric’s latest products help achieve efficiency (and savings) from day one, allowing businesses to manage and control their lighting, refrigeration and air conditioning through one integrated system.
If efficiency is one part of the story, ‘experience’ is another, as retailers know all too well. “From maintaining the right temperature to making sure products are displayed effectively, retailers want their customers to have a good shopping experience, and getting the lighting right is key,” said Jayawickrama.

Some of the latest solutions coming into the NZ market use wireless technology, which results in lower costs in installation and labour.
To make this happen, of course, the first step is understanding how a building is performing and making sure a certain design is meeting customers’ requirements. Schneider Electric’s cloud-based systems monitor the energy load and provide business owners with both live data and detailed periodic reports. By having access to that up-to-date information, owners can even make multi-site comparisons against their whole store network, easily detecting where money is leaking out.

“We offer different levels of reporting, depending on the organisation we work with; some might need more detailed data while others can work with basic reports, and we can customise all that,” said Jayawickrama.
Schneider Electric sells through its partner network, which conducts the audit process and comes up with feasible options, but the company also aims to engage with its end users by promoting and educating them on the most efficient lighting control, metering and monitoring solutions.