Steve Gill Leaves GWFAfter 35 years in the grocery industry, the last five years as head of sales at George Weston Foods, Steven Gill has left the company and set up a leadership and management consultancy. Previous to GWF, Steve was eight years with Griffins as sales director.

His new leadership business called LMA is part of an Australasian operation aimed at producing exceptional results.

“For years I have been concerned about staff attending a variety of courses that enthuse them for a day or so but knowing that enthusiasm doesn’t stick. I have found that the learning is not embedded so often the training is wasted,” he said. “It has to be a worry that companies can spend heavily on plant, machinery and maintenance but do little to maintain their people. I have decided to use years of experience to take up the issue of non-role specific leadership to ensure there is a return on investment and provide targeted training and be more strategic about staff who are trained.”

Steve can now be contacted on 027 567 3446 or