Stickman Sets the Record Straight

Stickman, who usually loves having all the attention to himself, is happily sharing the screen with his first real-life co-star in a vibrant new campaign to myth bust and celebrate PAK’nSAVE’s top quality fresh fruit, veges, meat and seafood. 

The new campaign sets out to bust the myth that low prices, means less quality and PAK’nSAVE Senior Marketing Manager Lauren Ness said it’s a challenge Stickman and his real-life friends are ready to tackle head on.  

“This is a tall tale so big, so New Zealand’s heroic Stickman is stepping out of his yellow and black comfort zone for the first time in his 14-year history to clear things up - although not a literal step, or he’d glitch the space-time continuum! 

Starting this week, the new ad shows our iconic Stickman reaching out a PAK’nSAVE real life fresh expert to help him to set the record straight.  

“We deliver New Zealand’s lowest food prices, but sometimes we find that there’s a perception when it comes to quality ‘you get what you pay for,’ which has never been further from the truth at PAK’SAVE. With the help of one of our fresh experts, we’ve tasked Stickman to demonstrate our fresh offering is top quality and remind customers they don’t need to risk paying more for the same stuff at other supermarkets. 

"Our customers can be confident we’re focused on delivering New Zealand’s lowest food prices for them every single day. It's true we deliberately compromise on things like having fancy stores and fittings to help us deliver low prices, but we never, ever compromise on the quality of the food.” 

PAK’nSAVE’s fresh experts can be found in every produce, butchery or bakery section in stores across New Zealand. Dedicated professionals in their field, these experts are committed to delivering the very best fresh offering to their local customers, something Stickman was very keen to leverage in his new campaign. 

Elliot Winstanley, (screen name Steve), is one of the hundreds of fresh experts in store - and by day works as a Butchery Assistant at PAK’nSAVE Silverdale. He was stoked to be involved and share the message of the quality at PAK’nSAVE.

“I mean working with the legendary Stickman is a chance you can’t say no to!” said Winstanley.

“Our fresh experts are passionate about what they do, and know all the best tricks of the trade. We knew we had to find an amazing expert who could really share all their knowledge with Stickman on his new quest,” said Ness.

Foodstuffs Marketing & CX commissioned the campaign from their long-term creative agency, FCB.  FCB Co-Executive Campaign Directors Leisa Wall and Peter Vegas said, “Stickman has been asking us for years for the chance to shoot an ad in a real store. He was upset when he found out he wouldn’t be getting his own trailer, but cheered up when he discovered the onset catering was all the yummy fresh top quality PAK’nSAVE produce.”