Iconic Lunchbox Snack Discontinued

It has been a staple of lunchboxes for Kiwi kids for over three decades, but Le Snak, the crackers-and-dip-in-one snack pack is no more with manufacturer Bluebird discontinuing the product.

“We recently made the decision to discontinue the Le Snak brand in New Zealand,” a spokesperson for PepsiCo, which owns Bluebird, said.

“Over time we’ve seen demand for the product decline as consumers’ taste preferences have changed. We ceased production in May so there would be very limited stock available now.”

Despite its French-sounding name, Le Snak is a product unique to the Australian and New Zealand market. Introduced in 1988, each portion is a foil-topped plastic container with two compartments: a larger one for round wholemeal crackers and a smaller one for a soft cheese spread.

Marketed as cheap and convenient food-on-the-go, Le Snak quickly gained popularity with students and office workers alike.

As news of Le Snak’s demise spread through social media, fans expressed their sadness at this end of an era.

“I have le shoque and la outrage,” read one of the online comments. Replies included “Le sigh,” “Le sadness”, and “Oui are les miserables.”