At Woolworths supermarkets, pallets are required to be wrapped in a plastic stretch wrap to ensure the pallets are stable and safe for workers on-site.

As a supplier, there is not much worse than pallets of your product arriving at a warehouse, only to be rejected because it is wrapped improperly or has an overhang and doesn’t meet the store's specifications.

To guarantee a smooth path through the supply chain it is necessary to securely wrap pallets with strong robust plastic, as the contents can weigh up to 1000kg and you need to know the plastic will not tear or give way.

Premier Packaging is an industry-leading New Zealand owned and operated family-business, who specialises in flexible plastic products. The core strength of their business lies with quality and reliable suppliers,

They are the exclusive supplier of a new pallet wrap film, Doxa, sourced directly from Sweden. The Doxa films are made from a unique blend of materials which provide great strength and stretchability, allowing the film to be stretched up to 345 percent. The flexibility means much fewer materials are required to wrap the same number of pallets. Because less plastic is wasted, Doxa is environmentally-friendly.

The benefits of Doxa aren’t just environmental. Being so stretchy and flexible, Doxa film can save as much as 30 percent on wrapping expenses over conventional films used currently in most industries.

Made using a variable gauge, the thickness or micron of the film on the edges is much thicker than it is in the middle of the roll. This means the film can comfortably be placed over corners of pallets with no risk of breaking or tearing.

The Swedish film is used widely in supermarkets throughout Europe, notably in the German supermarket chain, Edeka. Throughout Germany, Edeka has 28 distribution centres, servicing over 10,000 stores. At the centres, they found that Doxa film reduced their plastic usage by nearly 45 percent, saving approximately 990 tonnes plastic per year more than their previous supplier. Reduced plastic wastage already made a positive impact on the environment, but furthermore, all the stretch film materials are fully recyclable. All the wasted and rejected materials are melted down by Doxa and recycled back into production of the film.

A 1000m roll with 5mu weighs less than 2.5kg, making it very light to handle and reduce fatigue and work-related injuries. The reinforced edges and corners provide additional force to the load which guarantees its stability.  At Edeka, they found that Doxa film used 50 percent less material in stabilising the pallets, thanks to the film reinforced edges technology.

The core functions of Doxa film fit accordingly with Premier Packaging’s philosophy, so the partnership was a natural pairing. Premier Packaging consistently evaluates and improves its productivity by actively involving environmental and sustainability policies and practices. They specialise in importing, manufacturing, and distributing pallet wrap, bundle wrap, pallet covers, packaging materials such as strapping tape, builders film, pallet wrap machines, strapping machines, strapping tools, tape machines, carry bags, bin liners, a range of safety knives, timber wraps and much more.

Premier Packaging is the sole distributor for Doxa films in Australasia. The films are the perfect solution to make sure pallets are secured efficiently and effectively. With the reliable, flexible and sturdy Doxa film, suppliers can rest assured their product will meet specifications and enter supermarkets without any unneeded hassle.

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