Sunscreens not meeting SPF claims

Consumer New Zealand chief executive Sue Chetwin’s latest tests show another five sunscreens not meeting their SPF label claims. “These disappointing results follow our first batch of testing, where only four of ten sunscreens met SPF label claims,” according to Chetwin.

Despite these results, Consumer New Zealand stands by their sunscreen testing. Although manufacturers are calling the testing unsubstantiated, Consumer New Zealand is asking the government to make the sunscreen standard mandatory as part of the upcoming review of therapeutic products.

Eco Tan Natural Coconut Sunscreen Untinted SPF30 tested at only SPF12, and Skinnies Kids Barefoot Babe SPF50 received only SPF25 in the tests. Other products that boasted SPF50 or above often only provided SPF between 40 and 45; good sun protection—but false advertising. Chetwin hopes that manufacturers will rapidly test and alter their products as opposed to getting caught up on Consumer New Zealand’s findings.