Supporting Cyclone Victims


When Kiwis shake, pour or squeeze their Wattie’s Tomato Sauce over their sausages this summer, they can show their support for Hawke’s Bay Cyclone victims.

Wattie’s will donate 20c for each of the 136,800 marked packs of its famous Tomato Sauce to the Hawke’s Bay Disaster Relief Trust. The total amount donated will be $27,360.

Neesh Pillay, Production Manager of the Wattie’s Factory in King Street, Hastings, said everyone at Wattie’s remained committed to supporting those in need post-cyclone.

“Wattie’s has been part of the Hawke’s Bay community for almost 90 years. It’s our home, and like everyone else, we’re devastated by what has happened,” said Pillay.  

“The clean-up and recovery since has been incredible, but there is still so much more to do, and friends and whānau need some help”. 

More than 130,000 bottles marked with a circular gold graphic and the words ‘20c for each marked pack go to Hawke’s Bay Disaster Relief Trust’ will find their way onto supermarket shelves over the next few weeks and remain for sale while stocks last. 

“We want people everywhere to know we’re still recovering and thankfully doing much better, but whether squeezing on your fish and chips or having with a BBQ, buying a bottle of Wattie’s Tomato Sauce can help show your support.”

To date, Wattie’s has donated more than $600,000 in funds, food, personal items and pet food to local organisations and community groups. It also hosted a series of free family fun days to bring people around the Hawke’s Bay area together in March of this year. 

The Hawke’s Bay Disaster Relief Trust is a coordinated effort by district and local councils to provide financial support to residents and ratepayers of the Hawke’s Bay region affected by Cyclone Gabrielle. This one-off hardship grant provides for damage or hardship incurred due to the cyclone.