AUCKLANDERS Natalie and Wayne Gardnier were originally looking for a lifestyle block when they purchased Taihiki orchard in 2009. The orchard already had a strong US export market for its figs and the Gardiners continued with this. In 2011, with no previous experience in food manufacturing, the Gardiners decided to expand their offerings as a way of utilising figs that weren’t export quality, after 10 months of experimenting and testing, Tahiki Orchards began producing NZ Figs’ four products; fig and date chutney, fig and ginger jam, fig vinaigrette and figs in syrup. Currently Natalie and Wayne are the only two staff working in the company, hand-bottling and individually labelling each jar or bottle, although the intention is to continue with export and expansion.

“We use our own fresh figs, so we know the fruit is of the highest standard. We are also very generous with our fig amounts - you will notice a lot of figs in our products” says Natalie.

For more information please visit: www.nzfigs.co.nz