The Daily Dose You’ll Want to Take

The practice of taking daily vitamins can be an unpleasant experience for certain adults and children alike – while we all know that supplements can offer support for our overall health and wellbeing, the process of taking capsules and pills can be incredibly difficult for some.

Healtheries’ new range of Gummies supports your daily vitamin intake without a second thought. The delicious tasting range is available in two variations – Multi Gummies and Vit-C Gummies for adults, and Multi Gummy Bears and Vit-C Gummy Bears for kids. With great- tasting flavours – berry and tropical – in dome shapes for adults and cute bear-shaped varieties for kids, the whole family will be supported well this year.

Winner of New Zealand’s most trusted Vitamin & Supplement brand, Healtheries have created the Gummies range based on their top-selling segments - multivitamins and Vitamin C – to provide new and existing Healtheries customers with multiple options for taking their favourite supplements. Driven by delicious taste, Healtheries Gummies can provide you and your family with the support you need this winter.

The beginning of winter is the perfect time to take stock of your family’s defences against the ills and chills that come with cooler seasons. Vit-C Gummies and Vit-C Gummy bears contain Vitamin C, which is an antioxidant that is important for immunity support. Healtheries Gummies provide a delicious, appealing method of taking supplements that will help to support the body’s defences. Gone are the days of your vitamins sitting untouched on the kitchen bench, or the kids throwing tantrums when they are asked to take a daily vitamin – Healtheries Gummies will make their way into your everyday routine!

Healtheries Gummies are proud to be free from artificial flavours, colours, and sweeteners, and are not sugar coated. Their bright, fun packaging makes them a standout on any supermarket shelf, and the bear-shaped gummies will capture and delight kids of all ages.

Support general health and wellbeing this winter with the addition of Healtheries Gummies into your family’s diet, for a delicious, nutritious, and easily remembered daily boost.

Healtheries Gummies will quickly become a staple in your household and a favourite of adults and children alike, as the practice of taking daily vitamins is completely re-imagined!