Confectionery maker Pascall has combined two legends, Pineapple Lumps and Jaffas, to create a new, orange flavoured sensation – Jaffa Lumps.

Rohin Rosman from Pascall said that since its inception in 1932, Pascall has been focused on offering new products that satisfy the ever-changing tastes of Kiwi consumers and putting unique twists on flavours they already love.

“We’re so excited to have taken the leap and combined these two amazing products which we think work really well together,” he said. “People will find that Jaffa Lumps are the best of both worlds with the choc-orange flavour of the beloved Jaffa at its heart. It’s a familiar yet different and delicious new taste experience.

Jaffa lumps will be available for a limited time from Monday 19th June in supermarkets and dairies nationwide.