Vegan White Chocolate from CARRA

CARRA, the Indian chocolate company releases a vegan white chocolate

CARRA is an Indian all-natural confectionary brand, that has just released its first dairy-free white chocolate bar. Plant-based chocolates are not new to the market, however, there are very few white chocolate varieties available and CARRA hopes to fill this gap in the market.

Chocolate is heavily related to indulgence, and the new dairy-free bar will allow consumers to feel satisfied with their sweet treat, without the guilt that might come with a full dairy bar. The creamy, milky taste white chocolate is known for was not an easy feat to achieve with plant-based ingredients, but CARRA is confident their bar is up to standard.

The white chocolate bar was soft-launched back in March of 2022, however, the new release will see the vegan chocolate available on the CARRA website.  The bars will be available at a similar price to the normal CARRA chocolate bars, as the company wants vegan chocolate to be just accessible as regular chocolate, but notes that there are increased costs when it comes to dairy-free production.

CARRA is known in the Indian market for its high quality, handmade chocolate. It already has a popular range of sugar-free chocolates that promote a healthier after-dinner treat.