Auckland bread making company Venerdi has bought Clevedon-based business, The Larder Project, adding to its range of gluten-free, healthy bread mixes. As part of the deal, Venerdi will retain the brand and continue with its current manufacturing processes. The Larder Project’s founder, Nicky White, has agreed to stay on and continue working on a consultancy basis.

Venerdi Founder and CEO Tim Grainger said The Larder Project was a perfect fit for Venerdi, who had been planning to start offering bread mixes to both their consumer and commercial customers. “I originally met Nicky (founder of The Larder Project) at the Clevedon markets and was really impressed with the flavour and quality of the bread mix products she’d created. I was thrilled when she called me to discuss the idea of selling. Being a gluten-free product, there’s an obvious synergy, and it made sense for us not to try and re-invent the wheel.”

The move illustrates Venerdi’s uninhibited approach to offering healthy food products, said Grainger. “Healthy food is not just about fads or trends; we think it’s a lot broader than many people would assume. At Venerdi we’ve always felt it’s best to rely on our instincts - that’s where true innovation comes from.”