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Despite continued declines in alcohol consumption, Ireland has seen an increase in the purchasing of wines. Last year saw the country increase its use of wine by 100,000 cases. According to the Irish Wine Association (IWA), wine consumption in the country, last year rose by 0.47 per cent last year, while the overall consumption of alcohol has decreased by 23.3 per cent since 2001.

Beer continues to reign supreme in the country with wine is sitting firmly in second place. This year beer saw a decrease in sales from 45.8 per cent in 2017 to 44.8 per cent. White wine and rosé both saw an increase in sales while red wine fell from 47 per cent to 45 per cent. These stats match the growing popularity of rosé and white wine among consumers with rosé being labelled a “key trend” in 2018.

Jim Bradley, IWA chair, said: “Irish consumers are more sophisticated when it comes to food and they are blessed with an array of some of the world’s finest wines, which are ideal for food pairing.  We saw wine consumption rise marginally in 2017, and the continued growth in the wider economy indicates that things remain favourable.”

The top five countries that source the highest amount of wines are; Chile followed by Australia, France, Spain and Italy.