Ahead of World Salami Day (September 7) SupermarketNews has put together the top salami offerings available to supermarkets to create their own fun and interactive displays to help celebrate with fellow salami lovers.

In a deli full of meats, salami is sometimes overlooked despite holding a significant history in the diets of many people around the world. It can be eaten in sandwiches, on crackers, in pita wraps, tortilla wraps, on pizza, in pasta - the options are endless!

There is even a Museum of Salame (salami). In the cellars of Felino Castle in Parma, Italy, this museum takes visitors through the history of salami in the Parma region, which according to the museum, is the history of salami itself. In the Bronze age, pigs were reared specifically for the cured meat and made their way into Roman culinary bible De Re Coquinaria in the first century AD, and the salami was first mentioned in an official document dated back to 1436, which you can view the original document at this museum.

Beehive’s new 150g Salami Bites are now available.  There are two packs in the range,  a Mild and a Spicy version.

Made from 95% Minced Pork and seasonings, these bites are bursting with strong authentic flavours.  Like all Beehive products they are Naturally Wood Smoked and are Gluten, Soy and MSG Free.

The continental meats category continues to grow in excess of 10% value growth (IRI MAT Date to 02/06/19) with the snacking segment in particular growing ahead of the total category.   With summer approaching these products are perfect for on the go snacking or as a welcome addition to any entertaining platter.

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The company started in 1992 as a butchery and still today everything is produced in our factory at Blackball. The brand has a range of over 40 different products.

The salami is made the old fashioned way and naturally cured. Blackball salami is made from a variation of quality NZ beef, pork and venison.  The raw materials in its salami are kept exceptionally lean. Its traditional Italian salami has a fat content added. All the finest herbs and spices are used in all of the products to obtain its unique quality. Only Manukau wood smoke is used during the smoking process. The salami is then hung and cured in a humidity/temp controlled room. Once they have reached their maturity they are packed to production requirements ready for the customer.

Blackball Salami are committed to providing the very best ingredients and recipes in its range of fine foods...

West Coast Perfection, it’s all in the making.

Ghiotti’s Milano and Finocchiona Salames are beautifully savoury in flavour with notes of sweetness.
Fashionable like its city of origin, Salame Milano has always been the king of the picnic basket – sweet and mild and simply seasoned with salt and pepper.
Salame Finocchiona is a meat with a story – a thief hid a Salame in a sack full of fennel seeds and returned a couple of days later to discover a new recipe for us to enjoy.

European Foods are committed to presenting only the best authentic and top quality food products, carefully selected from across Europe to bring innovation and flavour to New Zealand.

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