As we head into Māori Language Week, New World believes one of the best ways to learn te reo Māori is to use everyday words in our everyday lives. A ‘kono’ is a basic basket usually woven from harakeke (flax).  New World will be giving away 20 courses on Facebook so fans can learn how to make a kono for your hua rākau (fruit), your kī (keys), or your hēki (eggs) at the amazing online Hetet School of Maori Art. They also have a set of kono to be won made by weaving expert Veranoa Hetet.  To be in to win fans simply tell New World the name (in te reo Māori) of a favourite food e.g. āporo (apple), ārani (orange), tīhi (cheese).  Another Facebook promotion will see New World and Spark giving away a Samsung S10 – complete with the Kupu app.  This incredible app takes images and ‘translates’ the image into the correct word in te reo.  The more we use this beautiful, official language of Aotearoa, the more it becomes part of us. Ka pai.