PAK’nSAVE Kapiti hosted Fernando and Estefan, two Kapiti-based llamas from the Llama Association, last Friday to raise money for the SPCA, and to give shoppers a whacky afternoon story to tell.

Thanks to the good ole fashioned tele, Judy Webber, president of the Llama Association, called up PAK’nSAVE with her wild idea.

“I saw PAK’nSAVE’s commercial with the llama and thought I should call them and see if they’d be interested in having some of my llamas come by one of their stores for a wee meet and greet with shoppers. The kids loved seeing and petting the llamas, and I’m so humbled at the amount of money we raised for the SPCA at our llama party.”

“Thanks to our generous and animal-loving shoppers, we raised $313.90 for the local SPCA chapter last Friday. Additionally, we raised $2,500 from our recent annual Golf Day fundraiser, which we also donated to the SPCA. When all is said and done, our animals need to be looked after, and we’re grateful to our shoppers who came out and donated to the cause," said PAK’nSAVE Kapiti owner Karl Marryatt.

Shoppers were treated to a llama petting area where they could meet Fernando and Estefan, and learn a bit more about the species. Estefan is a rising five-year-old who likes to spend his free time learning how to pull a cart. Fernando is a rising four-year-old and is a llama/guanaco cross, which is very unique! Did you know the correct terminology for a pack of llamas is ‘caravan?’ And that there’s only about 1,500 llamas in the country? Also, a baby llama is known as a ‘cria.’ #TheMoreYouKnow