YOU ARE INVITED! Navigating EV Charging Technology webinar

ABB invite you to attend the webinar, 'Navigating EV charging technology' on 4th August 9.30am NZT.

Did you know that transportation is a major contributor to CO2 emissions in the world? About 24 percent of all emissions come from this sector and over 75 percent of those are from road transportation with cars, trucks, and motorbikes.

The much-discussed emissions from aviation only account for 11 percent of the transportation emission. Passenger cars account for 60 percent of the road transportation emissions globally.

Electric mobility paired with renewable energy generation can significantly lower global CO2 emission. This not only helps us to achieve CO2 emission targets but will have a positive effect on our health and comfort due to reduced pollution and noise.

In this webinar, we help you navigate EV charging technology, with a key focus on:

  • Safety & compliance standards
  • Staring the journey to e-mobility
  • How to decide on AC vs DC charging
  • Load management
  • Digital technology

Presented by ABB's Global E-mobility lead, Wim Elshout, with support from ABB's E-mobility Product Marketing Manager, Debbie van der Schyff.

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