Omega 3 is vital for a myriad of functions in the body and can help to suppress inflammation in the body. The combined nutrients of flaxseed oil can help to lower the risk of heart disease, high cholesterol, fight immune disorders, promote healthy skin, hair & nails and support joint health.

Q: What is your brand story? 

A: Family owned and operated, TotallyKiwi (TK) specialises in the production of NZ Grown Flax Seed Oil. The company’s mission is to deliver top quality, all-natural products that are traceable, healthy and made from sustainable sources.

Q: What is the current product range and variants and what makes these products stand out in the market? 

A: The product is currently available as a pure unflavoured oil, or in four infusions:  Chilli & Lime, Garlic, Mixed Herb or Citrus. All TK oils are gluten and GMO free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. TK offers both an organic and non-organic range. The oils are cold pressed with no artificial flavours, additives, preservatives, chemicals or colours. All TK oils are fully traceable back to the farm and paddock in which the flax seed was originally grown in Canterbury.”

Q: What is innovative or unique about the product? 

A: All TK oils are fully traceable, by way of a unique traceability code on the label, back to the paddock where the seed is grown. On the website consumers can view pictures of various stages of the growing process of the direct line of oil they are purchasing.

Q: Who is the consumer and what benefit does the product bring them? 

A: The TK consumer is generally one who understands the benefits of consuming a sustainable Omega 3 source, not just as a nutritional supplement used whenever the body needs, but as a functional healthy everyday food. The benefits in the body obtained from an intake in Omega 3 on a regular basis are noticeable for healthy skin, hair and nails, cardiovascular and joint health.

Q: What consumer trend does the product support? 

A: Gluten Free, Traceable, Natural, Superfoods, Non GMO. 

For more information contact Debbie Prebble at or call +64 03 928 8569