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YUM Granola is a range of delicious, handmade breakfast cereals, made fresh each week in Nelson. YUM epitomizes a genuine, artisan product on every level. They use their very own recipes, based on the best ingredients they can get their hands on (organic and New Zealand grown where possible) resulting in a beautiful product with a flavour that really sets it apart. YUM also happens to be gluten-free, grain-free/paleo, dairy-free, keto friendly and made with no refined sugars (and minimal natural sugars), thus meeting the growing dietary requirements of mainstream customers.

YUM comes in five flavours that crank year round: Original Granola, Dark Chocolate Granola (award-winning), Bircher Muesli, Creamy Chai Porridge, and our newest, Superseed Granola Clusters.

Fans claim YUM gets them excited about breakfast again (“my day just got 100% better”) while leaving them feeling great and fueled for their day.

For more information contact sarah@yumnz.co.nz or visit www.yumnz.co.nz. 

Born from the love of baking, preparing and devouring delicious treats. Molly Woppy baked up a plan to create New Zealand’s best tasting gingerbread recipe. What is now an iconic product, adored by countless Kiwi’s for their perfect blend of spice and texture of crisp fresh gingerbread.

"We are proud to offer to the market our traditional Gingerbread Kids which contain New Zealand butter, free range eggs, no palm oil, no preservatives, and no artificial colours or flavours. Our gingerbread is handmade, weighed, mixed and rolled just like you would at home."

But what makes this product unique is the buttons are 100 percent natural colours and flavours.

Molly Woppy Handmade Gingerbread Kids are now available nationwide offering a premium children’s product. For more information, contact Molly Woppy on 09 828 6095 or email sales@mollywoppy.co.nz

Manawa means ‘heart’. And that’s what drives us.

They produce exquisite honeys – something different and a standout on shelves.

Manawa is from Ruatāhuna at the Heart of Māui’s Fish – the North Island of New Zealand – the purest place on earth. The business was originally built to sustain their people with jobs and good health, and to keep bees for what they do for our place and this planet. Manawa Honey specialises in producing native tree honeys from their vast untouched forests in Te Urewera – homeland of their tribe Tūhoe.

Exquisite honeys in taste and texture - magical Mānuka, stunning Rewarewa and rare Tāwari.

For discerning honey-lovers and great food stores in New Zealand.

Find out more about us as:

·       https://www.manawahoney.co.nz

·       https://www.facebook.com/ManawaHoneyNZ

·       P: +64 7 3663166

·       E: office@manawahoney.co.nz


The Rituerto family have been making Riojan charcuterie since 1987. Their Spanish chorizo is made with locally farmed, free-range pork, paprika and spices, relying on salt as the only preservative. The result is a 100 percent natural, preservative-free chorizo with no nasty additives or E-numbers. This gluten-free range includes both mild and spiced whole and sliced chorizo, perfect for braises, rice dishes or tapas. Sabato source high quality, artisan products such as the Alejandro range as well as many other fine foods from Europe, often from family-owned companies who add generations of knowledge and tradition to their products.

For more information visit www.sabato.co.nz or contact Robbie at Robbie.hannon@sabato.co.nz or phone +64 9 630 8763.


Everyone is looking for quick and easy ways to add flavour to their meals that taste great but most importantly aren’t full of highly processed additives.

What makes Raptor Naturals Herb & Spice Rubs so good? All blends are artisan crafted with pure, natural and unrefined ingredients. Whole spices, seeds, berries and peppercorns are freshly ground in small batches right before blending to bring incredibly aromatic gourmet flavour to everyday meals.

Perfect for families, busy cooks, BBQ fanatics - there is a whole range of blends to suit even the fussiest eaters. Whether a meat-lover, keto, flexitarian or vegan everyone is catered for.

Amazing flavours and so easy to use- just sprinkle over meat, fish, tofu or vegetables five minutes before cooking. Transform everyday favourites like chicken, steak, nachos and roast vegies.

No MSG, no preservatives, no artificial colours, flavours or fillers. Get these quick and easy meal solutions today. For more info contact sales@raptorrubs.co.nz or phone 09 528 1676