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Making a mayonnaise with the finest ingredients, including free range eggs, unsurprisingly gives Heinz [Seriously] Good Original Mayonnaise the greatest flavours. A creamy, velvety mayo that will transform the plainest of dishes into something rather exciting.

Available in a 470g jar or 295ml and 500ml Upside Down Squeezy Bottle.

For more information contact customer support on 0800 653 050 or visit www.watties.co.nz

The Beerenberg family farm is a six-generation working farm, cultivating rich volcanic soil to grow the very best fresh produce. All of its products are still made right on the family farm.

The team are passionate about only using the best quality ingredients in its products to produce high quality, authentic tasting homemade products.

Beerenberg have an extensive range of delicious homemade salad dressings, sauces, chutney’s and relishes, most of which are gluten-free.

Some firm favourites in the range include the Parmesan Caesar Dressing, Blue Cheese Dressing and Peppercorn Sauce.  Also new to the range is a Sticky Fig & Onion relish along with a Spicy BBQ Caramelised Onion!

For more information visit www.threefountains.co.nz or contact Shanti Horkings on 027 890 1235 or email shanti@threefountains.co.nz

Founded in sunny Hawke’s Bay in 1965, Maison Therese is home to the finest artistic preserves. Created using quality ingredients free from artificial preservatives, colours or flavours, our range of products taste just like “homemade” – making them popular among chefs and foodies alike.

Maison Therese’s range of relishes is a collection of traditional favourites and modern day, user friendly preserves. These products have been developed in a wholesome kitchen with a love, for food. They all easily enhance any dish and bring simple meals such as the humble burger, to life!

Our three new vinaigrettes are designed to offer the everyday pantry endless versatility. These vinaigrettes encourage healthy eating by bringing salads to life with vibrant modern-day flavours.

Balsamic Vinaigrette: A classic vinaigrette with so much versatility. This simple dressing has a wonderful balance of sweetness and tang. It completes a green salad and offers roast vegetables the ‘wow’ factor.

Apple Cider Vinaigrette: A vinaigrette boasting health benefits from organic, unfiltered cider vinegar (contains the living ‘mother'), naturally sweetened by apple juice concentrate. The perfectly balanced everyday dressing.

Date & Cider Vinaigrette: A vinaigrette combining organic unfiltered cider vinegar (contains the living ‘mother’) and date syrup, resulting in a delicious caramelised drizzle with a slight tang. The perfect dressing to bring any salad to life!

The entire Maison Therese range comes in 100 percent recyclable packaging and is available for ranging in all supermarkets.

For more information on the Maison Therese range please visit www.maisontherese.co.nz or phone 06 878 8912.

Condiment king purchases ZARBO!

Culley’s; well-known and loved for their sensational, award-winning range of condiments have an exciting new addition to the family ZARBO.

With values aligned, ZARBO simply made sense. in fact, owner Chris Cullen worked at the Newmarket and Chancery deli/cafes some 20 years ago. Cullen always admired their philosophy and no-compromise approach to purvey quality food and beverages. Something that is mirrored throughout the Culley’s range today.

This exciting move will see ZARBO products available throughout other like-minded retailers such as Farro and other boutique retailers across the country.

What does the future hold? Expect a myriad of flavours presented in gourmet, good-for-you fresh foods and beverages.

This, now coupled with Culley’s signature style, will offer a wider and more varied range of fresh and tasty products.

ZARBO’S commitment will be to provide New Zealander’s with the most divine, flavoursome, quality, locally sourced food and beverages. The brand looks to go all vegan across the entire range early 2020 – watch this space.

For enquiries contact admin@cullenandcottle.co.nz

Genevieve’s has created the first chilled dressing range to come onto the market. Now you can make restaurant quality salads at home by adding a drizzle of Genevieve’s to your salad ingredients or meats.

Sunflower oil, wine vinegar and Dijon mustard are blended together and flavoured exquisitely with fresh citrus fruit zest and garlic, exotic spices and the finest quality made New Zealand cheeses to create its latest innovative series of products. No gluten, egg, emulsifiers are used and there are no additives, giving consumers nothing but freshness of flavour.

For more information visit www.genevieves.co.nz or call 09 813 5484.