The Horleys team have always shared a love of sport, fitness and health. Since its foundation in New Zealand over 40 years ago, it has complemented that passion with expert knowledge on performance nutrition, resulting in today’s range of highly effective performance supplements which proudly carry the Horleys name.

SCULPT is a women’s specific protein powder designed by the team at Horleys and has recently undergone a substantial make-over based on consumer insights.  In today’s complex world women are locked into a continuous balancing act, trying to achieve the unachievable.  The desire to be our best means we deserve a quality protein powder that will help achieve our goals faster, and we shouldn’t have to sacrifice taste.   Sculpt is the solution.  A premium protein powder for women with extra ingredients for fat-metabolism and to boost energy levels.

Research revealed women loved Sculpt because it was high in protein, low in carbs and tasted great.  The brand decided to embrace this, and completely redesign its packaging to showcase the great flavours and design a brand new Salted Caramel flavour.

"The new photography on the pack was a thrill to create with chocolate and berries and protein drink flying at the camera to capture the best shot.  What you see on the pack is real and we believe it captures the best Sculpt has to offer," said Nikkola Mathews, brand manager for Horleys.

Salted Caramel is proving to be a great hit, and especially popular as an afternoon treat when craving that sweet hit.

Sculpt is available at supermarkets or online supplements stores.

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