Rochdale Cider is one of New Zealand’s longest running cider producers, based at the top of the South Island in sunny Nelson.

What is your company background? How did you start the business?

“The Rochdale Cider Company was started in the late 1930s when the Stoke site was surrounded by apple orchards. Bottles of crisp golden goodness started rolling out in the 40s. Rochdale remained the sole manufacturer of cider well into the 70s, when the McCashin family discovered this local institution. Before long they’d bought the place, taking possession in 1980 but continuing the traditions of excellence and innovation that are entrenched in the brand.”

What are the current product range and variants and how do these products stand out in the market?

“Rochdale Classic Apple Cider (12 packs and 6 packs), Rochdale Classic Pear Cider (6 packs), Rochdale Three Berry Cider (500ml bottles) and Rochdale Ginger Lime Cider (500ml bottles). Rochdale ciders are gluten free and have no preservatives or sulphates, artificial additives or added sugar.”

Has there been any recent company news?

“Rochdale is now being distributed directly by McCashin’s (was through CCA until Feb 2017).  We are launching a Pina Colada Cider and a Fig & Charred Orange Cider at GABS FESTIVAL this year.”

Where are your products currently available to buy, and are you looking at or wanting to expand your availability? If so, where would you like to see the product situated?

“In supermarkets and bottlestores.”