Driven by the frustration of unhealthy, mediocre cordials and syrups in the market, The Soda Press Co. set out to find out how it could make an exception to the rule.
“We decided to do things a little differently by applying proven techniques of the past with the best of recent breakthroughs. We ‘small batch, slow brew’ syrups, adding premium grade natural and organic ingredients mixed with organic cane and organic brown rice syrup. This nifty innovation allows us to deliver bold flavour with 40-50 percent less sugar. And let’s not forget, there are no ugly numbers or anything artificial in there either. By using dark brown bottles and a hot fill pasturing process we remove the need for any preservative but still deliver a shelf life of 18 months,” owner Cameron Romeril said.

The Soda Press Co.’s selection of flavours range from the classics through to new creations; clean and crisp with subtle flavoursome notes. Soda Press syrups are designed to be a healthier, tastier experience than traditional syrups on the market.
For more information contact Cameron Romeril on 03 265 3444.