Hops on Pointe Grand Cru

Hops on Pointe Grand Cru with Garage Project

Independent brewery Garage Project announced today the release of ‘Hops on Pointe Grand Cru’, a limited edition imperial 'champagne' pilsner - brewed to celebrate and toast 10 years of creative partnership with the Royal New Zealand Ballet.

“We’ve always cherished our creative partnership with the Royal New Zealand Ballet company," said Jos Ruffell, Garage Project Co-Founder. “When the mighty milestone of 10 years approached, we knew that we had to put our best foot forward and brew something truly unique to mark the occasion," added Garage Project Co-Founder and Head Brewer Pete Gillespie.

“We can’t believe it’s ten years since the launch of Hops on Pointe, originally brewed as part of our 60th birthday celebrations in 2013. After a decade of marking many of our happiest moments with the support of our Garage Project friends, it still gives us a tremendous thrill to see the RNZB brand on every can and bottle," said RNZB Director of Marketing and Development Susannah Lees-Jeffries.

"We believe we’re the only ballet company in the world with ‘our own’ beer, and it’s a special partnership that could only happen in Wellington.”

Having premiered at Platinum, the RNZB’s 70th-anniversary celebration, Hops on Pointe Grand Cru is brewed with extra premium malts and Nelson Sauvin hops and bottle-conditioned with champagne yeast. The result is an extra strong golden pilsner with a crisp, citrus and crushed grape palate, rich tropical fruit aromas and lively, persistent effervescence.

Brewed to a fitting 10% ABV, the beer is finished in a 750ml champagne bottle with a gold foil hood - perfect for any upcoming festive celebration.