Inspiring Lectures On Sustainable Food Innovations


In the heart of the fully booked fairgrounds with gross exhibition space spanning around 300,000 m², there is plenty to discover and experience at Anuga 2023 from 7 to 11 October. The 'Anuga Trend Zone' on the North Boulevard in front of Hall 8 is one of the many attractions. The area is a fascinating display window for developments in the latest food and beverage industry.

Among others, Anuga's knowledge partners, Innova Market Insights B.V. and Euromonitor International Limited, and other speakers will present informative and topical research results. A particular focus lies on the critical theme of Anuga 2023: Sustainable Growth. This lecture not only addresses environmental aspects and solutions in the food industry but also looks at the economic and humanitarian impact of sustainability in the food industry. Here, market trends, innovations and consumer values will be examined in detail in the context of sustainability.

Since consumers are searching for affordable and yet nutritional options, a further lecture will address themes such as the optimisation of the production and price of basic daily foodstuffs, the potential of lowering costs by reducing waste and the critical role that technology will play in the future provision of affordable and accessible foodstuffs.

Parallel to this, the Anuga HORIZON Conference focuses on pioneering technologies such as artificial intelligence and innovative protein sources. Beyond this, the lectures of the Anuga partners, UNIDO and EIT Food, will contribute towards an exciting combination of cognitions and innovations. Hence, Anuga 2023 promises to offer a wealth of products and ideas and to be an inspiring platform for the exchange and further development of the food industry.

The modern stage format "Organic on Stage" is held for the first time in Passage 4/5 of the trade fair, right next to the Start-up Area. Organic on Stage promises the visitors a unique experience with a wide selection of activities, such as exciting panel discussions, informative lectures, inspiring examples of best practices, award ceremonies, and gripping start-up pitches. The main focus lies on food start-ups and innovative developments in the organic sector to present the latest trends and progress in this section. In the heart of Anuga Organic, the Organic Supermarket 2023 will present the diversity of the entire organic offer with a new, modern organic supermarket concept.

The "Anuga Halal Global Conference" explicitly targets the growing halal sales market, a further highlight of Anuga 2023. Halal-certified food, which complies with Islamic dietary laws, has increased significance in the food industry for years and in Europe.

The event that is taking place at Anuga for the first time aims to bring together essential players, experts and people representing the interests of the Halal industry to explore and shape the future of this dynamic market. The participants can look forward to an extensive field of themes, including halal certification and standards, new possibilities in the halal industry and the crucial role of the standardisation and harmonisation of halal certification processes.