After launching in 2009, the eco 10L box of water has seen great success. The product is now sold in most North Island Foodstuffs supermarkets. “We have seen good sustained growth since launching ‘Water in a box ‘over 5 years ago” said managing director of Aquaceuticals, Glen Curd. “This is a great achievement for any new product as breaking into the market and sustaining good market growth over a five year period, is a fantastic result”

Water In A Box teamed up with Sustainable Coastlines to clean up rubbish on Great Barrier Island. Collectively the project collected over 29,000 litres of rubbish. The Coastal Cleanup at Gisborne yielding 12 and half tones of rubbish. Water in a Box has also helped in the Christchurch earthquake where Aquaceuticals donated emergency supplies of its 10lt ‘Water in a Box’ to the Red Cross when it was most needed. The sturdy design of the Water in a Box and its ability to be easily transported stacked and protect the water from the harmful environment in disaster situations. Co-founder of Sustainable Coastlines, Sam Judd, was pleased with the outcome and praised Water In A Box on its eco friendly packaging. Aquaceuticals has always been concerned about the environment and sustainable packaging. Its Water In A Box cardboard packaging comes from a NZ renewable pine forest.

The product fits in the fridge and is easy to handle and travel with. The innovative 10-litre container is vacuum-sealed to protect the purity of the water from the outside air. As the container gradually empties the vacuum seal remains intact to ensure water retains its purity through to the very last drop. There are many benefits to drinking Water In A Box including high levels of silica that helps stimulate collagen production in the body, natural alkalinity helps balance the acidity of modern diets, and low level of dissolved solids means Water in a Box helps cleanse the body from toxins that can cause disease and illness.
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