Something to Crow About designs their range of breakfast cereals, seed sprinkles and superfoods with health focussed consumers in mind. They are nutritionally dense, often gluten free with some grain-free paleo options as well. This year, Something to Crow About has made the decision to make all of their products preservative-free, instead opting for sulphite free coconut and dried fruits in their cereal range.

“We pride ourselves in offering nutritious and delicious health foods, handcrafted by our team in Whangaparaoa,” said Mike Millar, managing director. “We believe the focus on convenience foods that support health and wellness is here to stay. It’s not just about allergies; it’s about nutrition and the functional health benefits of the food.”

Something to Crow About is a leading innovator in the cereal market, with their new probiotic muesli range a New Zealand first. Gut health is an emerging trend, with consumers looking for new, easy and appealing ways to include gut-friendly products in their diet. Something to Crow About teamed up with US company Ganaden Biotech, producers of cutting edge, allergen free probiotics which have a long shelf life. These probiotic cereals are produced in a traditional muesli blend and a paleo blend, both of which are preservative free. These options are proving to be successful in the market, as consumers respond to the easy methods with which to improve their gut health.

Their Roasted Seed Sprinkles are also designed to appeal to consumers looking to add extra nutrients and texture to meals, catering particularly to vegans or those on a paleo diet. The Roasted Seed Sprinkles are versatile in use and can be used as a topping for salads, soups, meat or muffins.

These products are supported through promotional programs, food shows as well as a heavy social media presence.