Although commonly seen as a quick snack, instant noodles are often the base for a ready meal. With so many instant noodles to choose from, people often ask, “Why we need so many?”

The best company to answer it is Oriental Merchant, representing six of Asia’s leading instant noodle brands in NZ.

“Yes, there is a wide choice of instant noodles and, although it sounds like we sell too many, each of our brands has a unique reason for why consumers enjoy them over other brands,” said Oriental Merchant’s general manager, Chris Hutton, who has been marketing instant noodles for nearly 20 years.

Among the brands sold by Oriental Merchant is Mi Sedaap from Indonesia: their Mi Goreng noodle with its five-flavour sachets becomes a fulfilling snack with the addition of a fried egg (the traditional way of eating it).

The world-famous Nissin Ramen noodles are also available through Oriental Merchant. Nissin invented both the packet and cup noodle last century and changed the world’s eating habits. Their soup-based noodles are easily turned into a fulfilling ready meal, but it is the Nissin Cup noodle that is the cup of choice for many airlines.

Oriental Merchant sells Korea’s famous Nong Shim noodles as well, with their range of ‘spicy’ dried noodles in packets, cups and bowls. In addition, the Obento Noodle bowls offer total convenience and are the perfect ready meal on the run.

Lastly, Oriental Merchant has been recently given the IbuMie agency, a famous Malaysian brand of instant noodles whose White Curry noodle takes the consumer back to the streets of Penang.