"Private label continues to grow in the Foodstuffs stable thanks to a focus on addressing our customers’ expectations for inspiring new solutions.

Pams, Pams Finest and Value are going from strength to strength in absolutely every category and across all seasons. Christmas 2018 was a standout, in a period usually driven by brands focusing on gifting and entertaining. The Pams Finest range allowed us to play in these very key areas, with seasonal product ranges performing well ahead of expectations.

From 1 April, I will be making the move to general manager of Foodstuffs Own Brands from New World banner manager. I’m so excited to have the opportunity to lead a fantastic team which is really raising the bar when it comes to developing our private label portfolio. We’ve seen some dramatic change which is paying dividends for our customers, and there’s so much more to come.

With a bit of belt-tightening going on in our customers’ homes, Private Label has a lot to offer. No-one wants to sacrifice quality while watching their outgoings, and we’re perfectly set up to deliver price sensitive solutions which are packed with flavour, the best ingredients and novel and exciting presentation.

The FOBL team has some pretty stiff objectives too when it comes to looking after our community and the environment. We continue to reduce sugar, sodium and saturated fats across the board and roll out the Health Star Rating across all food and beverage products. Likewise, we have a laser-sharp eye on reducing plastic waste and excess packaging in general – all while ensuring products are safe, convenient, fit for purpose and affordable.

2019 promises to be a big year for development, with some true innovation in the New Zealand market entirely new to Kiwi customers. Whether we’re talking frozen vegetables, delectable desserts, ready-to-cook meal solutions or top-notch beers and beverages, it’s all on its way into New World, PAK’nSAVE and Four Square."