With a growing awareness around Men’s Health Week in June, and Blackmores being one of the corporate sponsors, Blackmores managing director for Australia and New Zealand David Fenlon said it’s really important that men take a proactive approach to health.

“If every Kiwi was to reflect on their own family story [there are] a number of people affected by preventable illness. I urge men to get a health check. If we do it as a group we will feel a lot stronger,” he said.

Fenlon said it’s important to ensure that men will be around for families.

“It’s important that health is at the top of the agenda for men. That healthy life will translate down to a healthier family unit.”

He encourages Kiwi men to make sure they eat well, exercise more, have a healthy and balanced diet and live life in moderation.

Fenlon intends to run the half marathon in Sydney in September.

“I try to eat well and exercise to support that healthy lifestyle. I’m taking Vitamin C and fish oil to make sure I’m fit and healthy for the training I’m undertaking at the moment.”

He said prevention is the starting point, and it’s about being brave and stepping up.

“[Men’s Health Week] is really about trying to demystify going to the doctor. You can talk to mates, to your partner, and you should be able to talk through concerns and preventatives.”

Kiwis want to take an active approach to health and wellbeing, Fenlon said.

Men’s Health Week is now in its seventh year. This is Blackmores’ first year being involved.

“In previous years, Men’s Health Week has been approached with a bit of tongue and cheek so that Kiwi men can see the brighter side of it.”

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