Extending the Life of Produce

Veggie Saver

The average Australian household throws away over $2000 worth of food each year. One Aussie Mum is leading the fight against global food waste and plastic pollution with her latest product, Veggie Saver.

Veggie Saver is an intelligent, patented food storage bag - reusable, machine-washable, compostable and non-toxic. The bag is scientifically proven to keep fruit and vegetables fresh for two weeks or more in the crisper of the fridge. Its unique, multi-layer fabric combination made from unbleached and unseeded cotton, allows for moisture to be pulled through the outer layers to enhance hydration, while the inner layers promote breathing and reduce ethylene build-up, so fruit and vegetables are kept fresh, crisp, and nutrient-dense - for longer.

Peita Pini made the standardised product specifically for global wholesale distribution, making it easy to display, market and sell. The bag can be manufactured quickly, has short lead times and cheap manufacturing costs. 

Veggie Saver was selected as one of 38 recipients of the Boosting Female Founders grant, a program designed to support female-founded start-ups to scale into domestic and international markets by providing expert mentoring, advice, and financial support.


Following the official launch in November 2021, Veggie Saver now has over 200 stockists across Australia and the US, and Pini has her sights set on Europe, Asia and the UK. Woolworths Australia is trialling the Veggie Saver in select NSW stores, presented in the produce section and available from April 2022.

The Veggie Saver has an RRP of AUD$24.95.