Aussie Beer Lovers Rejoice!

Whats New Wilde Isotonic

Australia’s first-ever isotonic, non-alcoholic Electrolyte Drink is here!

Wilde Isotonic is a healthier non-alcoholic beer or sports-drink alternative. Naturally brewed as a non-alcoholic Australian Pale Ale, Wilde Isotonic is filled with B1, B3 and B9 vitamins that occur naturally in beer and electrolytes to replenish and rehydrate. 

The ultimate guilt-free brew is nicely balanced with full-bodied malt character and tropical passionfruit and pear aromas for a crisp and refreshing finish. It contains 50% less sugar than other sports drinks, is vegan friendly and contains less than 90 calories per can and zero preservatives. 

Wilde Isotonic is the ideal replacement or reward for those seeking a new electrolyte drink alternative, for a great way to finish off an exercise session with their friends and teammates.

As a natural and tastier alternative, Wilde Isotonic is available now in 4-packs at Dan Murphy’s across Australia.