O2 Natural Recovery has added two new flavours to its oxygenated recovery drink range. The drinks which are caffeine free, include only 20 calories per can and according to the company contain seven times more oxygen than water.

Founder and CEO Dave Colina said, “We launched the caffeine-free Lemon Lime and Blackberry Currant as a direct response to customer demand for an O2 that they could have late in the day, or for O2 drinkers looking for something to offer their kids.”

“So far, the response has been incredible, and we look forward to educating more active audiences and health-conscious retailers on the benefits of our clean product,” he added.

The two new flavours added to the range include lemon-lime and Blackberry Currant. O2 Natural Recovery is currently available for purchase in both six packs and 12 packs from retailers across the US.