Self-heating coffee can company, The 42 Degrees is ready to start shipping its new innovative product to suppliers and retailers, after undergoing a packaging and ingredients redevelopment. The beverage brand which acquired a patent for the sophisticated self-heating technology just last year is nearly ready for distribution.

The company which is based out of Spain initially developed the technology for emergency services, and as food to go, trends continue to increase in popularity adapted the technology to be saleable in retailers.

The self-heating beverages will be available in coffee, hot chocolate and chai latte flavours as well as hold soups and other liquid foods. Ignacio Lanao, head of commercial sales B2B for The 42 Degrees said, “We have created a commercial line, based on our motto anytime, anywhere, to have a hot drink when you want without an electrical outlet, targeting the convenience on-the-go sector. We have been investing to improve the existing line that was built before, and we have created a brand strategy to promote our recipes carrying out consumer pilot tasting with 300 people.”

The packaging for the can was created with the help of Monomer tech, a plastic packaging manufacturer. Together the technology behind the internal activation device that would heat the liquid inside the can was created. The cans consist of a thermo-sealed capsule of water with a separate section on the bottom. Once the capsule is activated the water is contacted with a reagent that heats up the liquid inside.