The world’s first Māori-owned wine company, Tohu wines is celebrating 20 years. As part of their 20-year celebrations, Tohu is releasing a limited edition Methodé Traditionelle Rewa Rosé 2015 this October.

“We wanted to create something really special to celebrate this significant anniversary. Our sparkling rosé is crafted solely from Pinot Noir. It’s an elegant yet complex wine with bright berry aromas and brioche notes,” added Bruce Taylor, Tohu chief winemaker.

Launched back in 1998 by the Wakatū Incorporation in partnership with two Māori organisations, Tohu Wines is recognised as the first Māori-owned and operated wine label in New Zealand and around the world.

“Our vision in founding a wine company was to have a platform to share our culture, story and values with the world,” said Paul Morgan, Wakatū Chairman.

“From the beginning, we knew how important our brand and story were. Every Tohu bottle carries our distinctive logo, derived from a koru pattern. For Māori, the koru symbolises growth, life and the natural world, and our logo celebrates this iconic spiral. It represents the growth of our company and the journey of our people from the past to today. This koru signifies our long-term intergenerational goals and has become our tohu, our signature,” he added.

Since 2002 Tohu Wines has been growing its own grapes, and in 2012, began crafting wine in the company’s winery.

Tohu wines are part of the food and beverage arm of Wakatū, known as Kono. Kono is a Māori-owned, top 100 New Zealand food and drinks company employing over 400 staff and exporting to over 25 countries.

Rachel Taulelei, CEO of Kono said, “20 years is a significant milestone for any business. It gives us the opportunity to reflect on our achievements and to acknowledge all those that have been part of our history and success, as well as to look forward to a positive future.”

“We are thankful to all those who have worked tirelessly to take Tohu Wines from its humble beginnings through its current status as an internationally recognised and award-winning wine label. Thanks to farsighted pioneers such as James Wheeler and Mugwi Macdonald, we were a relatively early entrant in an industry that has become one of New Zealand’s top export earners," he added.